Blazing Lazers PC Download Free

Blazing Lazers PC Download Free

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Blazing Lazers PC Download Free game was released in 1989 and we Updated this game on 31 July 2023, for PC. This game is a Shooting Game for Microsoft Windows PC desktop computers and laptops. Developed by the Hudson Soft, and published by the Hudson Soft.

You can play the game From Windows XP Operating Systems to Windows 11 or All Newer Versions. The game setup size is 48 MB and needs 148 MB of hard drive disk space.

Recommended System Requirements: Works on, Windows XP to Windows 11 or newer, CPU: Intel 1.22 GHz CPU Equivalent or Better and AMD 1.22 GHz CPU Equivalent or Better, RAM: 1 GB of System RAM, Graphics Video Card: Any Good 64 MB GPU Equivalent or Better DirectX 9.

Gameplay, Story, and Features of Blazing Lazers PC Download Free:

Blazing Lazers PC Download Free, also recognized as Gunhed, stands as a sci-fi vertical scrolling shooter meticulously crafted by Hudson Soft for the TurboGrafx-16. Unveiled in 1989, this game is widely acknowledged as a pinnacle achievement for the NEC console, known as PC Engine in Japan and a segment of Europe.

Leveraging the capabilities of the console’s hardware, including an 8-bit processor, an audio chip, and an exceptional graphics co-processor capable of showcasing nearly 500 colors on the screen, Blazing Lazers epitomizes the prowess of the TurboGrafx-16.

Immerse yourself in the mission to thwart the Dark Squadron, a malevolent alien race wreaking havoc on our planet with their eight Super Weapons. Across the nine levels, each boasting distinct areas, players encounter one or more formidable bosses.

The game’s captivating visuals, enriched with vibrant colors and intricate sprites, push the console’s hardware to its utmost limits. The scrolling backgrounds and seamless animations contribute to a sense of depth, elevating the gaming experience.

Blazing Lazers introduces a plethora of power-ups and weapons that empower players to personalize their play style. Want to play the Backpack Hero PC Download Free?

From rapid-fire lasers to devastating bombs, the game offers an extensive array of options for players to experiment with and adapt to various challenges.

A standout feature of Blazing Lazers lies in its sophisticated weapon system. Commencing with a basic cannon, players progressively collect power-ups that serve as upgrades. Noteworthy is the organized structure of upgrades, featuring four main types, each subject to multiple enhancements.

This allows players to dictate the direction of their improvements, introducing a strategic dimension to the gameplay. Additionally, a diverse set of secondary weapons, ranging from spread shots and shields to homing missiles, powerful lasers, and screen-clearing bombs, further enrich the gaming experience.

Blazing Lazers Free Download isn’t merely distinguished as one of the premier PC Engine/TurboGrafx games; it unequivocally stands as one of the paramount vertical-scrolling shooters ever conceived. Take the plunge into this gaming masterpiece, and you’ll discover its unparalleled brilliance.

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Blazing Lazers Download

Blazing Lazers Gamesnostalgia

Blazing Lazers Free Download

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Minimum System Requirements of Blazing Lazers PC Download Free:

  • OS: Windows XP to 11 or All Newer Versions
  • Processor: Intel 1.1 GHz Pentium 4 CPU or better More Greater / AMD 1.1 GHz Athlon CPU or better More Greater
  • Memory: 512 MB of System RAM
  • Graphics: Any 64 MB System GPU Equivalent or Better
  • Direct X: 8
  • Setup Size: 48 MB
  • Storage: 148 MB available Hard Disk space

Downloading & Installation Instructions:

Downloading Instructions:

  1. Please, Click the download button below to start fast downloading.
  2. Now download your game from Mediafire or 1Fichier.
  3. After completing the downloading please open your download folder.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Use WinRAR to Extract the game.
  2. Open the extracted folder, and fully follow the notepad/video (How To Play The Game) steps.
  3. That’s it, play and enjoy your game. Thanks for visiting the EXTRAPCGAMES Website.

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