Mist Hunter Game Free Download – 2023 Updated

Mist Hunter Game Free Download

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Mist Hunter Game Free Download – 2023 Updated was released on 5 Dec 2019, for pc. This game is an Action game for Microsoft Windows PC desktop computers and laptops. Developed by the Flox Studios, and published by the Flox Studios.

You can play the game From Windows 10 Operating Systems to Windows 11 or All Newer Versions. The game setup size is 623 MB and needs 2 GB of hard drive disk space.

Recommended System Requirements: Works on, Windows 10 to Windows 11 or newer, CPU: Intel Core-i5-6600K CPU Equivalent or Better and AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU Equivalent or Better, RAM: 8 GB of System RAM, Graphics Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX-1050 3 GB GPU Equivalent or Better And AMD / ATI Radeon RX 580 4 GB GPU Equivalent or Better DirectX 11.

Mist Hunter: Introduction, and Gameplay Mechanics:

1. Dynamic Combat:

Immerse yourself in a fluid and skill-based combat system, where wielding an array of weapons, spells, and abilities is pivotal to overcoming waves of adversaries. Mastering the combat mechanics is the key to survival.

2. Procedural Levels:

Each playthrough unveils unique and procedurally generated levels, guaranteeing an ever-changing experience. Adapt swiftly to diverse environments and challenges that await during your quest.

3. Character Progression:

Accumulate experience points and level up your character to unlock fresh abilities, passive bonuses, and customizable options, allowing for personalized playstyles.

4. Artifacts and Upgrades:

Embark on a journey to discover and collect potent artifacts that amplify your abilities, offering strategic advantages during intense battles.

5. Resource Management:

Efficiently manage essential resources, such as health potions, mana, and ammunition, to endure the perils of the misty realm and optimize your combat efficacy.

6. Choice-driven Narrative:

Shape your adventure by making critical decisions that influence the outcome. Experience divergent storylines and multiple endings, each reflecting the consequence of your choices.

7. Boss Battles:

Engage in enthralling encounters with formidable bosses, each boasting unique mechanics and patterns, necessitating tactical finesse and lightning-fast reflexes for triumph.

Features of Mist Hunter Game:

1. Visually Stunning Graphics:

Delight in the captivating visuals of Mist Hunter Game, where stunning graphics and atmospheric environments plunge players into a dark and enigmatic world.

2. Diverse Arsenal:

Unleash the potential of a vast assortment of weapons, including swords, bows, and powerful spells, enabling distinct playstyles and strategies.

3. Permadeath and Replayability:

Embrace the challenge of permadeath, a mechanic where failure initiates a fresh start, allowing you to leverage newfound knowledge and skills in subsequent attempts, amplifying the learning experience.

4. Roguelite Elements:

Savor a harmonious fusion of roguelike and RPG elements, wherein character progression and acquired artifacts persist across runs, infusing depth into the gameplay.

5. Random Events:

Encounter unpredictable events and challenges during your odyssey, presenting opportunities for rewards or exposing you to additional risks.

6. Challenging Difficulty:

Test your mettle against relentless hordes of enemies and progressively challenging levels, delivering a gratifying and fulfilling experience for dedicated gamers.

7. Leaderboards and Achievements:

Compete with other players on global leaderboards and endeavor to complete diverse in-game achievements, showcasing your mastery of the Mist Hunter Game.

8. Continuous Development:

Reap the benefits of ongoing updates and dedicated support from the developers, with potential expansions and fresh content that enrich and elevate the gaming experience.


Mist Hunter promises a riveting and rewarding action-packed odyssey through its procedurally generated world, challenging players to endure and flourish amidst the perilous mist.

The game’s dynamic combat, strategic decision-making, and awe-inspiring visuals unite to deliver an exhilarating rogue-lite experience that will entice players to embark on numerous adventures.

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Mist Hunter PC Game Download

Mist Hunter Highly Compressed Game For PC

Download Mist Hunter Game For PC

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Minimum System Requirements of Mist Hunter Game Download For PC

  • OS:(64bit) Win-7 / Win-8 / Win-8.1 / Win-10 / Win-11
  • Processor: Intel Core-i5 4430 or better / AMD FX-6300 or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM or better
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT-1030 2GB or better / AMD Radeon RX-550 or better
  • Direct X: Version 11
  • Setup Size: 623 MB
  • Storage: 2 GB available Hard Disk space

Downloading & Installation Instructions:

Downloading Instructions for Mist Hunter Game:

  1. Click the download button below to start downloading.
  2. Now download your game from Mediafire or 1Fichier.
  3. After completing the downloading please open your download folder.

Installation Instructions for Mist Hunter Game:

  1. Use WinRAR to Extract the game.
  2. Open the extracted folder, and fully follow the notepad/video (How To Play The Game) steps.
  3. That’s it, play and enjoy your game. Thanks for visiting the EXTRAPCGAMES Website.

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