STANDBY Game Free Download – 2023 Updated

STANDBY Game Free Download

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STANDBY Game Free Download – 2023 Updated was released on 7 Jan 2017, for pc. This game is an Action, Adventure, Indie, Racing for Microsoft Windows PC desktop computers and laptops. Developed by the Noclip, and published by the Noclip.

You can play the game From Windows 7 Operating Systems to Windows 11 or All Newer Versions. The game setup size is 83 MB and needs 500 MB of hard drive disk space.

Recommended System Requirements: Works on, Windows 7 to Windows 11 or newer, CPU: Intel 1 GHz Dual-Core CPU Equivalent or Better and AMD 1 GHz Dual-Core CPU Equivalent or Better, RAM: 2 GB of System RAM, Graphics Video Card: Nvidia 256 MB GPU Equivalent or Better And AMD / ATI 256 MB GPU Equivalent or Better DirectX 9.0.

STANDBY Gameplay and Features:

1. Distinctive Gameplay Concept:

STANDBY offers a unique gameplay concept that challenges players with an innovative approach to platforming and puzzle-solving. The game introduces a minimalist aesthetic with an emphasis on precision and timing, providing a fresh and engaging experience for gamers.

2. Minimal Art Style:

The game boasts minimalistic visuals, employing a stylish and retro-inspired art style. The simplistic graphics enhance the focus on gameplay mechanics and create a visually captivating atmosphere that immerses players in the world of STANDBY.

3. Challenging Gameplay and Precision:

STANDBY is renowned for its intense challenges, requiring players to showcase their reflexes and precision. With tight controls and unforgiving obstacles, every move matters, making it a true test of skill and determination.

4. Fast-Paced Action:

The game’s fast-paced action keeps players on their toes throughout the journey. Quick thinking and split-second decisions are necessary to navigate the intricate levels successfully.

5. Immersive Retro Soundtrack:

Complementing the game’s visuals, the retro-inspired soundtrack adds an immersive audio experience. The catchy tunes and dynamic soundscape further submerge players in the world of STANDBY.

6. Innovative Gameplay Mechanics:

STANDBY introduces innovative gameplay mechanics that require players to manipulate time and strategically utilize checkpoints. The game encourages creative problem-solving as players experiment with different approaches to overcome challenges.

7. Engaging Level Design:

The meticulously crafted levels in STANDBY offer a perfect balance of difficulty and reward. Each level presents new obstacles and puzzles, ensuring players remain engaged and excited to progress.

8. Unlockable Bonus Content:

The game features unlockable content, including bonus levels and hidden collectibles, rewarding dedicated players for their exploration and commitment.

9. Speedrun and Challenge Modes:

For those seeking extra excitement, STANDBY provides speedrun and challenge modes. Compete with friends or the global community to achieve the best times or conquer specific in-game challenges.

10. Ideal for Quick Gaming Sessions:

STANDBY is designed for short play sessions, making it an excellent choice for players who prefer quick gaming sessions or those looking to test their skills during short breaks.


Overall, STANDBY offers a distinctive and adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience, combining challenging obstacles, precise controls, and an artistic presentation to create an unforgettable adventure suitable for players of all skill levels.

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STANDBY PC Game Download

STANDBY Highly Compressed Game For PC

Download STANDBY Game For PC

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Minimum System Requirements of STANDBY Game Download For PC

  • OS: Win-XP, Win-7, Win-8, Win-8.1, Win-10, Win-11
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or better / AMD or better
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM or better
  • Graphics: 256 MB or better
  • Setup Size: 83 MB
  • Storage: 500 MB available Hard Disk space

Downloading & Installation Instructions:

Downloading Instructions for STANDBY Game:

  1. Click the download button below to start downloading.
  2. Now download your game from Mediafire or 1Fichier.
  3. After completing the downloading please open your download folder.

Installation Instructions for STANDBY Game:

  1. Use WinRAR to Extract the game.
  2. Open the extracted folder, and fully follow the notepad/video (How To Play The Game) steps.
  3. That’s it, play and enjoy your game. Thanks for visiting the EXTRAPCGAMES Website.

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