The Lost Vikings 2 Game Free Download – 2023 Updated

The Lost Vikings 2 Game Free Download

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The Lost Vikings 2 Game Free Download – 2023 Updated was released on February 27, 1997, for pc. This game is an Action, Platform, and Strategy for Microsoft Windows PC desktop computers and laptops. Developed by the Beam Software, Blizzard Entertainment, and published by the Interplay Entertainment, Dice Multi Media Europe BV.

You can play the game From Windows 7 Operating Systems to Windows 11 or All Newer Versions. The game setup size is 3 MB and needs 10 MB of hard drive disk space.

Recommended System Requirements: Works on, Windows 7 to Windows 11 or newer, CPU: Intel Dual-Core 2.3 GHz CPU Equivalent or Better and AMD Dual-Core 2.3 GHz CPU Equivalent or Better, RAM: 2 GB of System RAM, Graphics Video Card: Nvidia GT Series DX-9 GPU Equivalent or Better And AMD / ATI Any DX-9 Good GPU Equivalent or Better DirectX 9.0.

The Lost Vikings 2: Gameplay and Features

1. Introduction to The Lost Vikings 2:

Embark on a fresh and exciting journey with The Lost Vikings 2. This sequel to the timeless puzzle platformer reunites Erik, Baleog, and Olaf, the trio of valiant Viking heroes, for a new series of brain-teasing puzzles and captivating time-travel escapades. Crafted by [Developer Name], this game extends the saga with an even more intricate collection of levels, innovative mechanics, and enthralling gameplay.

2. Trio of Viking Champions:

Take charge of the trio of Viking champions – Erik, Baleog, and Olaf – each wielding their own distinct abilities. Erik leaps with agility and dashes with speed, Baleog wields an array of weaponry, and Olaf remains steadfast with his reliable shield. Switch between these champions strategically to conquer perplexing puzzles and surmount obstacles.

3. Collaborative Multiplayer Expedition:

Participate in the collaborative multiplayer adventure that fosters cooperation and coordination. Team up with friends or seamlessly switch between Vikings when playing solo, addressing challenges that demand their unique skills. Collaboration is the linchpin for conquering intricate puzzles and navigating through levels.

4. Formidable Puzzles and Varied Landscapes:

Navigate through progressively formidable puzzles set across a spectrum of landscapes. The journey from age-old worlds to futuristic domains as The Lost Vikings 2 rigorously tests your aptitude for problem-solving and your knack for utilizing each Viking’s proficiencies advantageously.

5. Unfolding Time-Bending Tale:

Engross yourself in the unfolding narrative that weaves time-bending threads, propelling the Vikings across diverse eras and locales. Embark on expeditions to uncharted territories, each replete with its own distinctive challenges and intriguing revelations that slowly unmask the narrative’s enigma.

6. Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics and Proficiencies:

Unearth an array of enhanced gameplay mechanics and proficiencies that augment the gameplay experience. Each Viking’s repertoire of skills has been enriched, unveiling novel strategies for deciphering puzzles, subduing adversaries, and navigating the expansive levels.

7. Captivating Pixel Art Visuals:

Delight in the captivating pixel art visuals that pay homage to the game’s classic origins. The Lost Vikings 2 showcases updated graphics that retain the allure of retro aesthetics, engendering an immersive and nostalgically evocative visual environment.

8. Seamless PPSSPP Emulator Integration:

For those inclined towards the PPSSPP emulator, The Lost Vikings 2 extends the opportunity to relive the Viking odyssey on contemporary devices. The emulator accentuates graphics and performance, reviving the exhilaration of the sequel for today’s players.

9. Solo and Cooperative Endeavors:

Embark on solo and cooperative endeavors that cater to an array of playing preferences. Whether venturing alone or alongside comrades, The Lost Vikings 2 delivers a harmonious blend of puzzles, action, and cooperative gameplay, catering to diverse approaches.

10. Abundant Exploration and Concealed Enigmas:

Plunge into the depths of each level to unearth abundant exploration prospects and concealed enigmas. The Lost Vikings 2 grants diligent explorers access to valuable treasures and unlockables that elevate the allure of your Viking quest.

11. Sequel to a Cherished Expedition:

In synopsis, The Lost Vikings 2, now harmoniously compatible with the PPSSPP emulator, emerges as a fitting sequel to a cherished expedition. With its cooperative dynamics, perplexing puzzles, and enriched competencies, players can prolong their Viking voyage and relish the pulse of time-traveling once more.


Reunite with Erik, Baleog, and Olaf in The Lost Vikings 2 and embark on a thought-provoking journey across the annals of time. Be it on the native platform or through the PPSSPP emulator, engross yourself in an upgraded Viking escapade, surmount ingenious puzzles, and traverse a tapestry of diverse eras.

The Lost Vikings 2, featuring cooperative gameplay and pixel art aesthetics, promises a captivating extension of the Viking saga, appealing to those who cherish both nostalgia and innovative gameplay.

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The Lost Vikings 2 PC Game Download

The Lost Vikings 2 Highly Compressed Game For PC

Download The Lost Vikings 2 Game For PC

Want to play The Lost Vikings Game?

The Lost Vikings Game Free Download

Minimum System Requirements of The Lost Vikings 2 Game Download For PC

  • OS: Win-XP, Win-7, Win-8, Win-8.1, Win-10, Win-11
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or better / AMD or better
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM or better
  • Graphics: 32 MB
  • Setup Size: 3 MB
  • Storage: 10 MB available Hard Disk space

Downloading & Installation Instructions:

Downloading Instructions for The Lost Vikings 2 Game:

  1. Click the download button below to start downloading.
  2. Now download your game from Mediafire or 1Fichier.
  3. After completing the downloading please open your download folder.

Installation Instructions for The Lost Vikings 2 Game:

  1. Use WinRAR to Extract the game.
  2. Open the extracted folder, and fully follow the notepad/video (How To Play The Game) steps.
  3. That’s it, play and enjoy your game. Thanks for visiting the EXTRAPCGAMES Website.

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