The 30 Best-Selling Video Games Ever Made

The 30 Best Selling Video Games Ever Made

The 30 Best-Selling Video Games Ever Made

Video games are the ultimate source of amusement for all individuals, transcending age, inclinations, and hobbies. These games have captivated gamers for more than 40 years and are accessible in a vast array of thrilling genres.

From the vintage era to modern-day technological advancements, the video game industry has undergone a series of transformations. The following article delves into 30 of the most beloved and top-selling video game titles ever created.

The 30 Best-Selling Video Games Ever Made

Outlined below are some of the notable contenders in the gaming market that you’d undoubtedly love to learn about:

1. MultiVersus

MultiVersus Extra PC Games

Leading the rankings is the MultiVersus title that prides itself on acquiring the highest sales as of July 2022. This video game is published by Warner Brothers and earns the maximum revenue from its ‘Founders Packs.

These premium packs enable players to access an additional set of playable characters and a vast reserve of Gleamium, the in-game currency. The game’s open beta release has made it the top earner in the contemporary gaming market.

2. Elden Ring

Elden Ring Extra PC Games

The highly popular Elden Ring video game has secured the second spot in the charts, boasting a remarkable sale of 16.6 million copies as of June 2022. Developed by FormSoftware in the action role-playing category, this title has also been recognized as the fastest-selling game ever published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The driving forces behind such colossal figures in just four months of its release are the game’s exceptional environment, extensive exploration, and impressive gameplay mechanics. Elden Ring is available to enjoy on multiple platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows.

3. LEGO Star Wars Game Series

LEGO Star Wars Game Series Extra PC Games

The Star Wars series has unfailingly excelled on the sales chart ever since its foray into the gaming industry. The collective sales of all Star Wars games exceed 50 million units. The most recent release of the franchise, Skywalker Saga, amassed a whopping 3.2 million sales in a paltry 14 days since its launch on April 5, 2022.

The game is a veritable treat for aficionados of action adventure, with development accolades attributed to Traveller’s Tales.

4. Tetris

Tetris BY Extra PC Games

Introduced as a PC game nearly 40 years ago, Tetris continues to captivate the hearts of gamers with the same passion. The demanding puzzle title has engrossed people with its amusement and merriment, and the immense sales speak volumes about its popularity.

According to the latest figures, the game has vended over 500 million units. You can savor the title on virtually any electronic gaming gadget, such as mobile phones, gaming consoles, and web-based versions on social media platforms.

5. Minecraft

Minecraft Extra PC Games

True to its moniker, the Minecraft game is committed to elevating your imaginative faculties. The block-based video game empowers players to fashion incredible edifices from brick components. The game shattered sales records upon its debut and reportedly sold over 238 million copies to date.

The game’s success can be attributed to various factors, including its calming ambient music, breathtaking landscapes, and panoramic vistas of towering buildings, amusement rides, and fortifications.

6. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V BY Extra PC Games

Grand Theft Auto V is a highly sought-after entertainment option for casual and avid gamers alike. The game’s plot immerses you in an enduring adventure of thrilling action sequences, combat, open-world discovery, and exploration.

This title serves as a prime demonstration of outstanding market success, having sold over 150 million copies and still steadily rising. While other franchise installments, such as GTA III, Vice City, and GTA IV, have also generated considerable revenue, GTA V stands out as the top performer.

7. Wii Sports

Wii Sports BY Extra PC Games

Wii Sports game was a breakthrough in the realm of sports-themed video gaming. It transformed traditional on-field sports into virtual experiences that could be enjoyed on mobile and console screens.

This title played a pivotal role in propelling Nintendo to the pinnacle of the sales charts, with a remarkable surge in sales figures. It is considered one of the all-time bestselling games, with over 83 million units sold worldwide. Its phenomenal success resulted in the creation of numerous game editions subsequently.


PUBG BY Extra PC Games

Battle Royale games have gained significant traction in the present decade, but PUBG has taken the lead in terms of popularity with an unprecedented player response. The game’s high-rise preference is evident in its massive sales tally of over 75 million copies sold as of December 2021.

Furthermore, the game went on to achieve free access flexibility in January 2022, and it boasts an enormous 1 billion mobile downloads by March 2021. PUBG is readily available on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.

9. Overwatch

Overwatch BY Extra PC Games

Overwatch, a popular hero shooter game released on May 24, 2016, has been a top seller with over 50 million units sold worldwide. The game’s success can be attributed to its captivating storyline, unwavering esports support, sophisticated game design, and meticulous character development.

Furthermore, the highly anticipated free-to-play sequel is slated to debut in the gaming industry in October 2022. The game will be available on multiple platforms, including PS4, PC, Xbox, and Switch, providing players with endless options for immersive gameplay.

10. Pokemon Generation I

Pokemon Generation I BY Extra PC Games

The Pokemon series has been an engaging source of entertainment for more than 50 years. However, the original first-generation games hold a prominent position in their legacy. The Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow versions have an impressive collective sales figure of more than 45 million.

This number increases to 47 million when factoring in the virtual versions of the first-generation titles available on the 3DS platform. The franchise is enduring and remains a beloved name in gaming history.

11. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe BY Extra PC Games

Nintendo’s game releases have remained consistently popular among gamers. Continuing this legacy, Mario Kart 8 has emerged as a top-selling title for the company’s Wii U console. The game’s Deluxe edition has played a significant role in driving sales, setting new benchmarks for Mario enthusiasts.

With an impressive 37.08 million units sold, the title has become a major contributor to Nintendo’s success. When combined with Wii U sales of 8.45 million, the total number of copies sold reaches a whopping 45.53 million.

12. Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus BY Extra PC Games

Considered the runner-up top-rated game of the Wii console following Wii sports, the Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus release elevated fitness gaming to new heights. These interactive workout titles served as ideal incentives for staying in shape by offering a gamified approach to strength training and yoga exercises.

By promoting physical activity among gamers during their era, these fitness games garnered immense popularity, amassing a combined sales volume of 43.8 million units. Compatible with Nintendo consoles, these games provided a unique and engaging way to achieve optimal health and wellness.

13. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 BY Extra PC Games

Rockstar Games, the video game developer, introduced this title to the gaming world, which is considered their magnum opus. With an enthralling combination of action, adventure, and shootout, this game offers a captivating experience that can keep you hooked for hours on end.

Boasting an exceptional team of characters, an engaging and relatable storyline, and stunning animated graphics, this game has secured a prominent position on the sales charts. As per the latest reports, the title has sold more than 45 million copies worldwide, making it a commercial success.

14. Pac Man

Pac Man BY Extra PC Games

Pac Man, also known as Pacman, is the top name in the best-selling vintage games list. Initially introduced in 1980 in the arcade genre, the game attained significant popularity, leading to its availability on several platforms over the years.

Despite several versions released, the original title remains a favorite among gamers, selling a staggering 42.07 million copies. The chattering hockey pucks, or ghosts, were a treat to watch, after all.

15. Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros BY Extra PC Games

In basic terms, Super Mario is an icon of fame in its own right. Although the precise sales figures for the game have never been accurately determined, official records suggest that approximately 58 million units have been purchased.

However, this number is likely much lower than the actual figure. The game has earned a coveted position on the list of timeless and highest-selling video games. The sales of related merchandise alone amount to billions of dollars.

16. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons BY Extra PC Games

This title garnered widespread acclaim and popularity due to its engaging plotline and stunning tropical island backdrop. Players enjoyed discovering new areas and interacting with one another on shared islands. It has achieved the distinction of being the Nintendo Switch’s best-selling game, with a staggering 39.38 million copies sold worldwide.

17. Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii BY Extra PC Games

Nintendo’s Wii gaming consoles have consistently drawn in high sales numbers. The company adeptly recognized the potential of its Mario Kart franchise and made strategic moves to enhance it. By repurposing the Wii remote as a steering device, Nintendo’s developers cleverly introduced an immersive gaming experience that was well-received by players.

The innovative physical steering accessory enabled gamers to realistically control the game, resulting in significant sales figures. To date, the game has sold over 37.38 million copies, a testament to its popularity and success.

18. Terraria

Terraria BY Extra PC Games

Terraria has garnered unparalleled global popularity since its inception in 2011. The action-packed adventure game has been widely acclaimed for its desktop version, which alone has sold a whopping 14 million copies.

The latest and ultimate version of the game, known as Journey’s End, was recently released, featuring the integration of Terraria modifications. This addition has significantly boosted sales, with figures crossing the 44 million mark as per the May 2022 stats.

19. Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort BY Extra PC Games

The Wii Sports Resort game is widely recognized as the extension of the highly sought-after Wii Sports release from Nintendo’s Wii gaming franchise. The developers’ incorporation of the Wii MotionPlus accessory into the console controller brought about a significant improvement in the gameplay experience, making it even more immersive and engaging for players.

Prospective buyers could obtain the accessory in a bundle alongside the demo disc of the game, which contributed to its massive success, selling over 33.4 million copies worldwide. It’s no wonder that the title has earned a spot among the most beloved Wii games ever created, thanks to its remarkable flexibility and outstanding sales performance.

20. New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros BY Extra PC Games

Introduced in 2006, the New Super Mario Bros. version is a timeless name in gaming history. The game proudly boasts the distinction of being the highest-selling Nintendo DS game of all time, amassing an impressive sales count of approximately 30 million copies.

The game’s inclusion with the Nintendo DS console was a significant contributing factor to its immense success. The game upholds the legacy of its forerunners by being widely recognized as a 2D platformer title to this day.

21. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros Wii BY Extra PC Games

Published as a solo-platform game in 2009 for Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U systems, this particular title established unprecedented heights of fame in the realm of adventure gaming. Allegedly, this game acquired the highest sales figures out of all the self-contained Super Mario titles, with over 30 million copies sold in the past decade.

The escalating number of sales was attributed to the limited-edition red Wii console bundle, which was launched as a tribute to Nintendo’s 25-year existence in the gaming sector.

22. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim BY Extra PC Games

Skyrim was launched as an RPG in the Elder Scrolls series and has seen numerous remasters and reissues. Although the precise sales figures are unknown, the game purportedly sold over 30 million units by 2016.

The figure has experienced a considerable surge lately, thanks to the virtual reality versions of the game that come bundled with the Nintendo Switch port. Additionally, the Alexa variant of the title is also gaining popularity.

23. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Diablo III Reaper of Souls BY Extra PC Games

Diablo III is a fantastic RPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment that hit the market in 2012. The game, along with its Reaper of Souls DLC, achieved an outstanding sales milestone of over 30 million copies sold in just three years after its launch in August 2015.

However, there are currently no sales figures available for the game since it was ported to the Nintendo Switch platform. Nonetheless, it’s estimated that Diablo III must have garnered a significant number of sales since 2015.

24. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt BY Extra PC Games

The Wild Hunt iteration of the Witcher series came as a pleasant surprise rather than a foregone conclusion. Its exceptional gameplay shattered contemporary sales records, featuring a sophisticated open-world environment and astute character curation.

By April 2020, the game had sold over 28 million copies and has since surpassed 30 million with the addition of Witcher 2 modifications. This thrilling gaming experience can be enjoyed on various platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

25. Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare BY Extra PC Games

The Modern Warfare iteration is affectionately recalled as the transformative turning point for the Call of Duty series that shattered contemporary sales benchmarks in 2019. Positioned in an increasingly somber ambiance with a more lifelike assembly of personalities, the game easily vended over 30 million units.

The game encouraged COD aficionados to revert with such captivating accomplishments. The title has fused with the franchise’s Warzone version through a joint advancement framework to amuse gamers up to the present day.

26. Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat BY Extra PC Games

Human Fall Flat, a puzzle-platform game, was launched in July 2016 and quickly gained global popularity. Its sales have surpassed 30 million copies as of July 2021. The game’s flexibility to replay puzzle quests as many times as desired, coupled with its entertaining animations, make it an addictive experience.

Players can enjoy the game on various gaming platforms, including PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, among others.

27. Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate BY Extra PC Games

The Super Smash Bros. franchise’s Ultimate edition was released in 2018 as a crossover fighting game, and it has since garnered considerable critical and gamer acclaim. The title has achieved an impressive sales tally of 28.17 million copies as of March 2022.

One of the game’s primary appeals is its vast array of gaming modes and character choices, including both single and multi-player campaigns. The title is compatible with both Nintendo and Nintendo Switch platforms, offering gamers a diverse and engaging experience.

28. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild BY Extra PC Games

The Legend of Zelda series is a familiar title in the realm of action-adventure video games, generating impressive revenue for the Nintendo console. The legacy is well-embraced by the franchise’s latest edition, Breath of the Wild.

The game has accumulated more than 28 million units sold as of 2022, with sales still on the rise. The title has proudly secured a spot on the list of top-selling games of all time, with a record-breaking sale of 26.55 million copies exclusively on the Switch platform.

29. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead BY Extra PC Games

The Walking Dead takes inspiration from the eponymous film, whose fame was instrumental in the game’s creation. Continuing the legacy, the game achieved a position on the top-selling list with a respectable sale of 28 million units by 2014.

The game is widely admired for its remarkable transformation of the reception of adventure-focused video games. The primary strengths of the title include intricate character progression and rapid-time events. The game is compatible with various platforms, including Android, iOS, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

30. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas BY Extra PC Games

Introduced to the gaming universe in 2004, this video game was launched as the fifth version of the Grand Theft Auto series. The latter was a promising and highly acclaimed title in the action-adventure category, amassing a respectable sale of 27.5 million units.

The main draw of the game was its expansive open-world environment that enabled players to traverse the territories and engage in mutual communication. Other attractive features of the title included heist escapades, vehicle customizations, monetary challenges, and an array of mini-challenges.

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